About me


A few words about myself and my photography …

I grew up in both Israel and England as a child and was more into playing football outside and getting dirty by any means possible. This was way before computer games became popular… when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

It was definitely during my army service that I first fell in love with photography. I guess being a bit of an outsider, being a newcomer to Israel, I felt that photography opened up all kind of doors . I felt that I had found my calling in life.

I decided to trade in my career as computer geek for that of a glamorous photographer !! Packed my bags and headed over to England to study photography “seriously”. I ended up graduating in 1993 from the prestigious London College of Printing with a B.A( Hons) in photography. 

Following a short assisting career with some great photographers, I started shooting fashion, portraiture and later on weddings.

When I am not in front of my screen editing photos or looking for inspiration in any form, you will find me on the beach playing beach volleyball. I love mountain biking, travelling, talking to old people, and exploring nature.  Apart from photographing weddings I love photographing travel images, action and portraits and have been collaborating with a growing network of talented athletes and dancers producing photos for Getty Images creative stock collections. 

 This is me on the other side of the lens !!

profile photo for wedding website

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