Here is a collection of frequently asked question.
I will try to cover as many  I can think of but please contact me if there any that may have not been answered.

Are consultations free of charge ?

Yes ! I offer one free consultation with no obligation to book with me. This is a great opportunity to meet me and have an informal chat about your wedding plans. I always bring some albums so you will be able have a look my work in print form.

Do you require a deposit ?

I  require a £300 deposit and a signed wedding photography agreement to  secure my services for your chosen day.

Do you travel ?

I would be delighted to photograph your wedding  anywhere on this planet !! I work mainly in the U.K and Israel but would jump on any opportunity to work in a different setting and climate.

Will you take photos of our guests ?

This is something that is always on my list of things to do on the day.  I will not only capture the atmosphere of the celebrations but also go around the tables at some point in the evening and take photos of your guests enjoying themselves. Don’t worry I won’t take photos of your guests chewing food.

High Res Vs Low Res Photos

If you have opted for High Resolution images in your wedding photography package it means you will be able to obtain prints from them at any size, even poster size !! Low res photos are perfect for viewing on a screen, sharing via social media but are not very good for printing above 6×4 inches.

Do you take photos of details ( shoes, dress etc..) ?

You must have spent many days deciding on these little details. So it goes without saying that I will do my best to take some shots of your wedding dress, shoes and other items I think you will want documented and feel that they will add to the look of the album.

How about formal photos

This is definitely an important part of photographing weddings and is something that I take quite seriously. Group photos normally take place while the wedding reception is going on, either in a separate room or very close to the reception.  As time is of the essence, I work as efficiently as possible by planning ahead before your wedding day. I always try to make these shoots as much fun as possible.

When do I need to pay the full amount ?

This is payable approximately 15 days before the wedding day. All the payment details will be on the wedding photography agreement I  send you.

Do I need a second photographer on the day ?

From my experience, a second photographer can add great value especially on big weddings where you and your chosen one are arriving from separate locations and when there are many things going on simultaneously.


For the last 4 years It has been my pleasure to work with two very dependable and talented established wedding photographers.  Kelvin, Agnes and Robert know exactly what is required of them  in terms of photographic coverage, approach and etiquette and deliver great images consistently.

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